15 Most Comfortable Work Boots that Won’t Hurt [Men and Women]

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Comfort – can you name places where you’re not going to need it? We bet you haven’t been able to recall too many names. And work boots? It looks you’re already looking for that in them. Otherwise, why would you’ve stopped here to check out the most comfortable work boots in the first place?

The problem is, work boots are made for safety more than comfort, and putting them on the same page is hard as hell.

But guess what? While checking out work boots that are comfortable, we’ve managed to find out 15 names that have made that possible. They’ve got a great design, total comfort, excellent safety, and everything else you’ve been asking for.

Can’t wait to have a shot on them? Neither can we.

Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men and Women


Summary of Top 15 Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men and Women

Before deciding on your footwear, you need to know what you can get from them. So, here’s a summary of our top picks and insights on Timberland boots for your convenience:

  1. Best Overall Pick for Men : Caterpillar Second Shift P89586 Steel Toe Work Boot
  2. Best Budget Pick for Men : EVER BOOTS ‘Tank’ EB611TAN Work Boots
  3. Best non Steel-toe Pick for Men : Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5
  4. Best Safety with Comfort for Men : Skechers 77143 Burgin-Tarlac Industrial Boot
  5. Best Style and Comfort Combination for Men : Thorogood 804-4200 MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot
  6. Best Durable and Comfortable Pick for Men : Danner Bull Run 6″ Brown Cristy 1-M
  7. Best Waterproof Comfortable for Men : Timberland PRO Men’s Work Summit Composite Toe Work Boot
  8. Best Soft Toe Comfortable for Men : KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Xt Mid Soft Toe Boots
  9. Best Nubuck Comfortable for Men : Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot
  10. Best Moc-toe Comfortable for Men : Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc Boot
  11. Best Comfortrable for Women: Under Armour Women’s Valsetz Rts 1.5 Tactical Boot
  12. Bets Steel-toe Comfort for Women: Ad Tec Steel Toe Work Boot for Women
  13. Best Safety with Comfort for Women: FSI FOOTWEAR SPECIALTIES INTERNATIONAL Safety Toe EH Hiker
  14. Best Style with Comfort for Women: Caterpillar Jace Steel Toe Work Boot
  15. Best Durability with Comfort for Women: Caterpillar Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot
Best for Men
Caterpillar Second Shift P89586 Steel Toe Work Boot

Thorogood 804-4200 MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot

Best Style and Comfort Combination for Men
2,910 ratings
Danner Bull Run 6″ Brown Cristy 1-M

Danner Bull Run 6″ Brown Cristy 1-M

Best Durable and Comfortable Pick for Men
840 ratings
Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot

Best Nubuck Comfortable for Men
Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc Boot

Best Moc-toe Comfortable for Men
Best for Women
Under Armour Women's Valsetz Rts 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot
Ad Tec 6in Steel Toe Laceup Leather Work Boots for Women

Ad Tec Steel Toe Work Boot for Women

Bets Steel-toe Comfort for Women
FSI FOOTWEAR SPECIALTIES INTERNATIONAL Women's Framer 6" Steel Waterproof Leather Slip Resistant Safety Toe Eh Hiker
Cat Footwear Women's Jace St Industrial Boot

Caterpillar Jace Steel Toe Work Boot

Best Style with Comfort for Women
very good
Cat Footwear Women's Kenzie St Construction Boot

Caterpillar Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot

Best Durability with Comfort for Women

Benefits of Comfortable Work Boots

Before we jump on the list of the most comfortable work boots, you better know getting comfortable work boots is going to be a perfect move for you.


The worst thing about workplaces like construction, electrical sites, and woodwork is that hazards always appear out of the blue. It can be anything like falling objects, sharp things, electrical wires, etc. But when you’ve got a pair of comfortable work boots on your feet, we bet you’re going to feel a lot ‘less worried’ about any danger out there.


Come on! Admit it! You hate wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable, don’t you? This can ruin your mood and you might end up losing your focus on your work as well. But a comfortable pair of work boots can take all of it away just like that. And yes, they’re going to save you from foot fatigue as well.


Well, we know it’s not the priority but come on! Who doesn’t like to appear in the workplace in a bit of style? You do, too, right? The right kind of work boots can easily make that possible as the shoemakers are also giving that part some serious attention lately.

Best 15 Most Comfortable Work Boots that Won’t Hurt

Can’t wait to meet the finest pairs of work boots? Here’s all the 15 of them you’ve been waiting for.


Looking for a name that you can rely on for your next working boot? Well, what about trying a hand on the Second Shift P89586 Steel Toe Men’s Work Boot from Caterpillar?

It’s nothing new that whenever a brand like Caterpillar makes something, they push it to the peak of its performance. Well, it seems they’ve done the same thing with these boots as they’ve used breathable insole. Clearly, that one move is enough to have your foot all the required comfort for the whole day.

Hold on a second! We know you’re here for comfort in the first place. So, the P89586 comes with nylon-mesh lining which takes out the headache on comfort and breathability at the same time, just like the finest caterpillar boots. And what to say about extra stability and support. That’s what the Steel Shank of these safety toes boots does.

But what about the durability? Don’t worry, the Goodyear Welt-Construction got that part covered like a piece of cake, without compromising the flexibility of course. But to be honest, a big share of thanks for that quality oiled full-grain leather for ensuring that level of durability along with total protection.

From protection, we noticed these boots got Steel Toe protection as well. This means you won’t have to deal with compression and impact at least. The same goes for electrical hazard protection where these comfy steel toe boots can deal with 600 volts. That’s the beauty of its special EH-Construction.

Now the question is how they’ll do on the traction part? Thankfully, the makers have used T3-Rubber Outsole which has made these boots slip-resistant. So, if you’re asking for the optimal traction, we bet you’re going to get that here.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Goodyear Welt-Construction pushes the durability higher
  • Breathable insole maximizes the comfort to the fullest
  • T3-Rubber Outsole ensures total slip resistance over any surface
  • Special EH-Construction can handle 600 volts of electricity
  • Steel Shank gives the overall stability and support some additional edge

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Comes with a bit hefty construction

Our Verdict

When you’re asking for the comfiest work boots, protection, and stability at the same time, we don’t think you’ve got any reason to not count Caterpillar Second Shift P89586 as a perfect option.

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If anyone has ever told you that work boots have nothing to do with style, then they probably didn’t see anything like the EB611TAN Work Boots from EVER BOOTS. But is it only about style here? Hell no! 

It comes with Goodyear Welt Construction. So, there’s no way to doubt its durability. And comfort? The supersoft, nubuck leather is not going to take much time to break in and be the most comfortable boots for standing all day and work. 

But comfort has to do a lot with the temperature as well, right? Don’t worry; these insulated work boots got mash linings that won’t your feet get cold even if the temperature keeps going down. And they’re versatile enough to let you have the chance to put them on whether you’re working or out for a free walk. 

Besides, there’s no chance of you facing issues like fatigue as the makers have given the boot’s arch support of steel shank. So, you’ll have to deal with low or no pressure that can cause any kind of pressure. And superior traction? Well, we don’t see any chance of slipping even on uneven surfaces as it got the Tank-tread pattern and rubber sole.

In case you’re not feeling comfortable enough with the insole or want to put in some customized insoles, you can easily do that and get the existing ones out of these insulated boots. But what about the sizes? 6 to 14 – no matter which size you need, you can have it in your way. The same goes for color as you’ve got two color options to pick from.

The boots are waterproof too but not as we expected. They do fine in ice but when it comes to unfrozen water, they can’t keep the water out for long. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Steel shank keeps the foot away from any kind of fatigue
  • Goodyear Welt Construction has made the shoes more durable than ever
  • Tank-tread pattern saves for you slipping on any kind of surface
  • The versatile design can keep with any occasion including work and casual
  • Insulated mash linings will keep the feet warm in hard cold weather

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Not waterproof enough to prevent unfrozen water

Our Verdict

EVER BOOTS EB611TAN might not be too good against water, but when it comes to being safety footwear, they surely know how to pull that off.


If you’ve been keeping track of quality work boots lately, then there’s a higher possibility that you didn’t miss the Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 from Under Armour. But we can’t take the chance of letting you miss it.

The upper is the first thing that’s going to draw your attention for sure. After all, it’s a perfect combination of synthetic leather and updated textile. So, if you’re asking for booths that’ll be durable and lightweight at the same time, then count this pair in.

Even putting the fit in these boots is a piece of cake as Medial side zips make putting the foot in easier than ever. But for keeping the performance up to the mark, team Under Armour needed something a bit more useful. That’s why they’ve added the ClutchFit ankle support system that ensures total support to the ankle every time you’re putting them on.

The abrasion-resistant film around the shoes keeps the foot protected all the way. But that’s not the only thing the makers have done to keep the foot safe within. They’ve also TPU toe caps which will let nothing hit your toe and hurt you. On keeping the shoes perfectly fit the foot, the strong laces have done an amazing job there.

There’s a pull tab too on the back of the shoes, in case you’re facing a bit of difficulty pull on work boots. But at the end of the day, nothing matters more than comfort. Thankfully, the Ultralight Micro-G EVA midsole covered the part perfectly in these comfy work boots. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Upper made of synthetic leather and updated textile makes it durable and lightweight
  • The hassle on entry goes down to zero due to having Medial side zips
  • ClutchFit ankle support system provides all the support you need
  • TPU toe caps keep the toe protected from any kind of external impact
  • Ultralight Micro-G EVA midsole keeps the foot in comfort for the whole day

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The shoes don’t have any steel toe

Our Verdict

No, these are definitely not among the steel toe work boots but once you look at the pile of features they come with, it's going to be tough as hell to avoid them.


We don’t know why but somehow tons of people think that work boots have nothing to do with comfort. It surely sounds weird but it’s true. After all, not everyone had the chance to slip in their fit into work boots that are comfortable like the 77143 Burgin-Tarlac Industrial Boot from Skechers.

The prime purpose of these rugged boots is sustaining your rough work days but not without the proper construction of course. So, the makers didn’t mess with the construction but given them high-quality Full-grain leather upper backed by perfect stitching accents. So, no matter what kind of rough atmosphere you’re dealing with, they won’t let you down any sooner.

Rather than making you feel congested within, the boots come with enough room. Clearly, nothing is going to stop you from having a relaxed time while wearing these safety work boots.

And protection? This pair of steel toe boots is ASTM-F2412/2413-2011-I/75-C/75 rated. So, you don’t need to worry about impacts even a bit. Even the memory foam insoles they come with are puncture-resistant. This means no sharp object is going to reach your feet that easily.

But what about the electrical hazards? Well, the EH safe design got that part covered too. After all, it’s ASTM F2413-05 rated. By the way, the makers didn’t forget to add rubber soles in these rugged boots. So, even if you’re walking over any uneven surface, oil, or water, we bet you’re not going to slip and fall with these slip-resistant boots. 

The makers didn’t waste all their attention on making it tough only. They’ve given equal effort to make them comfortable work boots by lining them with soft fabric. A fair share of credit for that goes their padded collars and tongue as well.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • ASTM-F2412/2413-2011-I/75-C/75 rating indicates total impact resistance
  • Puncture-resistant insoles save the foot from external sharp objects
  • EH safe design of these safety boots works like a wall against electrical hazards
  • The soft fabric lining has made the boots more comfortable than ever
  • Rubber soles made the boots fully slip-resistant over any terrain

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Takes a little time to break-in

Our Verdict

If you're asking for nothing but the most comfortable mens boots, then you surely can count these on that list. But be ready to wait for 1-2 weeks of break-in period.


 If you’re looking for a full-grain leather-made beast that’ll save your feet without violating your urge for comfort, then feel free to count on the 804-4200 MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot from Thorogood. 

You already know about the material, so the durability is what you’ll never have to worry about here. But that’s not the only aspect that has made this amazing boot worth grabbing. This Tobacco Oil-Tanned leather is so breathable that your feet got no reason to suffocate while roaming over cement construction or any other hard surface. 

In case you’re taking a headache about shocks, we say keep that out of your head as the rubber midsole it comes with is totally shock-absorbant. On top of that, the memory-foam footbed keeps the feet drowned in support and comfort for the whole day. And in case you’d like to get rid of them, you can do that too anytime.

To keep water out of the picture, the makers have added the waterproof membrane here. And slip-resistance? Well, the MAXWear Wedge outsole is here to cover that part. And guess what? This steel-toe boot is perfect for both men and women.

But how can a brand like Thorogood miss a feature like the steel safety toes cap? Don’t worry, this one too has been added to maximize the level of protection. From protection, we remembered this boot meets EH Safety standards. So, even you put your feet on a place electrically active, nothing’s going to happen there. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • The memory-foam footbed makes sure the foot getting all the needed support and comfort
  • Rubber Midsole saves the feet from any kind of shock 
  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned full-grain leather is totally high on breathability and durability
  • The MAXWear Wedge outsole ensures total slip-resistance 
  • Meets EH Safety standards in order to keep the feet safe from electric hazards

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The toe box area is a little small

Our Verdict

Thorogood 804-4200 MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot is a perfect combination of style, safety, and comfort which indeed makes it a pair of footwear worth grabbing.


What are the most comfortable mens work boots? Clearly, team Danner wanted to be their name as an answer to that question of yours. Otherwise, why they would’ve come with their Bull Run 6″ Brown Cristy 1-M work boot in the first place?

Made of 100% full-grain, oiled leather upper, this boot has turned into a perfect example of durability. So, your rough usage is not going to make much of a difference here for sure.

But durability is not the first thing the makers have put on their priority list, at least the Wedge sole is saying so. It seems you’re going to have any problem while walking on uneven or slippery grounds. 

Now the question is, will they be comfortable enough? Well, we wouldn’t have come up with that question, not at least after seeing the OrthoLite footbed that is full of cushioning. And what to say about the steel shank? It has given the boot a perfect structure that’ll never let you fall short on comfort and will make your feet sit within perfectly. 

To ensure a complete touch of strength, the makers have given this work boot stitchdown construction. Due to being handcrafted, this stitchdown construction has maximized stability at the same time.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • The full-grain, oiled leather upper pushes both durability and flexibility to the peak
  • The steel shank gives these safety boots better structure for perfect fitting
  • OrthoLite footbed comes with better cushioning to deliver superior comfort
  • Wedge sole eliminates the chances of slipping on any surface
  • The stitchdown construction has maximized the strength and stability

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The construction is not insulated

Our Verdict

Danner Bull Run 6" Brown Cristy 1-M indeed got all the safety features to be the perfect safety toe boots. All you're going to miss here is a little insulation.


Not every boot can give you a vibe of toughness. But Timberland PRO Men’s Comp Toe Work Boots are a different cup of tea. 

With the intention to make one of the most comfortable work boots, the makers have thought of using nothing but premium full-grain leather uppers, yes it does include a waterproof membrane. So, even if there’s a bit rainy out there, you still will walk around with dry feet. 

With the fiberglass shank, team Timberland PRO has ensured that whoever putting in the pair will have to deal with no issue on the structural support. And the toe protection? Asymmetrical composite safety-toe literally nailed that part. That’s what happens when you’re giving the responsibility of keeping your feet safe to a boot backed by Carbon Shield Technology.

By the way, these composite toe boots have met the EH-safety standard. So, feel free to count your guard up against electrical hazards. Don’t go on the look; these boots are totally lightweight. Besides, the abrasion-resistant construction can sustain any weather, no matter it’s wet, hot, or cold. 

Thanks to the TPU outsolefootbed which will keep shocks out your way by absorbing them. The comfort goes to a whole other with the Padded top collar. And lacing customization? The makers have thought of a solution for that as well which is called Dual-purpose top hardware. 

To deliver top-notch flexibility, we didn’t know Cement construction can be used so perfectly before seeing this work boot. On top of that, the moisture-wicking and breathable lining come with antimicrobial treatment to keep the odor in control. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Premium full-grain leather uppers ensure both waterproofness and durability
  • Moisture-wicking lining keeps the unwanted odor away
  • Cement construction maximizes the day-long flexibility
  • TPU outsole-footbed absorbs any kind of shock and returns the energy
  •  Asymmetrical composite safety-toe doesn’t let the structural support go down

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Doesn’t come with the insulation feature

Our Verdict

Timberland PRO Men’s Work Summit Composite Toe Work Boots is the kind of boot that can redefine both toughness and comfort for you. So, grabbing them won't be a mistake for sure.


If you’re habituated to working and walking in style, then we bet it’s going to be hard for you to not love the right pair of work boots, especially when it’s Detroit Xt Mid Soft Toe Boots from KEEN Utility.

The leather material used on these soft-toe boots speaks for the durability itself. So, harsh works are not going to be a reason for headaches here. Its KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane deals with water without sacrificing breathability. 

Team KEEN Utility doesn’t have a reputation for taking the protection lightly in their boots. Looks like they’ve kept that up by ensuring electric hazard protection in this pair. But the interesting part here is secondary protection which can save your feet even if the outsole comes in touch with any live electric circuit accidentally. 

Thanks to the rubber sole the takes down the chances of slipping. Apart from that, it’s clear that the makers have put a ton of their focus on making them comfortable and the thickly cushioned collar is the proof. The same goes for the tongue. 

They’ve also got reflective webbing in case you’re asking for some additional visibility along with safety. Don’t go on the soft toe, they still know how to save your feet. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • The leather exterior makes sure the upper keeping up in the long run. 
  • KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane ensures total breathability pushing the heat out
  • The use of secondary protection against electric hazards maximizes the safety level
  • Thickly cushioned collar and tongue keeps the inner fully comfortable
  • Reflective webbing adds up additional safety and visibility

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The arch support has scope for improvement

Our Verdict

If you're hate seeing the work boots turning into an oven and love having something that can give you a touch of breathability, then feel free to go with KEEN Utility Men's Detroit Xt Mid Soft Toe Boots.


It seems team Timberland PRO is back with another pair of amazing work boots. Yup, it’s Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot that we’re talking about.

Like always, durability has been the number 01 priority of this brand and they’ve once again hit the right point with nubuck leather. This rugged leather upper not only will save your feet from external hazards for a long time but will also bring you all the flexibility you need. 

Then comes the Asymmetrical steel toe. The kind of strength that safety holds can keep your feet intact even if any major accidental fall takes place there. For obvious reasons, there will also be a chance of electrical hazards. But the boot is ready for them as well with electrical hazard protection.

That’s not all! The Contoured shock diffusion plate this boot comes with can keep structural support up to the mark without making you feel uncomfortable. Now comes the comfort part. Well, there’s nothing much to say here as the makers have sure that the top collar coming with all the padding you need.

And like other finest work boots of team Timberland PRO, they’ve used Dual-purpose top hardware made of cast-metal here too, so that you can go for lacing customization instantly.

By the way, don’t forget about its high-quality rubber outsole that’s not only resistant to slip but to heat, oil and abrasion as well. The only drawback we’ve noticed about this boot is it’s not waterproof. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Rugged Nubuck-leather upper has made the boot both durable and flexible
  • Asymmetrical steel-toe works like a shield over the toe
  • Electrical hazard protection keeps dangers related to the electricity away
  • Contoured shock diffusion plate gives structural support a better edge

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The boots are not waterproof

Our Verdict

If you’re habituated to working in drier places and don’t need to come in touch with water often there, then Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot can definitely be a game-changer for you. 


Getting tired of seeing steel toe work boots again and again? Okay, then let’s give you a touch of exception with the Heritage Men’s Classic Moc Boot from Red Wing.

Using the premium Redwing leather in their creation is the signature move of this brand. Doing no exception to that, they’ve repeated the same move here and pushed the level of the visual appeal of these boots sky high. But that’s not the only thing that has hit the ceiling. Count the superior durability in too.

Thanks to the Attraction tread rubber outsole that you might forget about the word slipping right after putting this slip-resistant pair on. But when it comes to strength, the triple stitching seems to work amazingly well.

We know what you’re thinking! The cleaning part, right? Don’t worry; the easily cleanable leather surface is not going to make you put too much labor into the process. The oil-tan leather is water stain resistant. So, if you’re thinking that you might have to take a headache about that ever, then you better forget it. 

The one-piece leather tongue keeps accessing the feet easier without bulking up the entry point. But we’re not entirely happy about the toe box as it’s a bit narrow and might make you feel a bit suffocated if you’ve got wider feet. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Premium Redwing leather is high visual appeal and durability
  • Attraction tread rubber outsole eliminates the possibility of slipping
  • Triple stitching over the construction has made strength level better 
  • The easily cleanable leather surface makes the cleaning process easier than ever
  • One-piece leather makes accessing the feet easily 

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The size of the toe box might cause suffocation a bit

Our Verdict

If you love walking in style even at your workplace, then be sure that Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc Boot will be the right click for you.


Can you recall the name Under Armor? We guess you do! It seems they’ve come up this time with another piece of perfect wear, the Women’s Valsetz Rts 1.5 Tactical Boot.

It’s hard not to love an upper that is a perfect mixture of synthetic leather and updated textile. Clearly, this one feature is enough to make us declare this pair an example of superb durability. And guess what? It’s lightweight too.

Slipping the feet in this boot is a piece of cake that also makes the whole experience way more comforting. Thanks to the UA ClutchFit ankle support system for pulling that off which also gives all the support you need to keep them on. 

To save the feet from external abrasion, the makers have added welded PU film around the perimeter. Now let’s put some focus on what the makers have done to make your feel comfortable. Well, they’ve used Ultralight Micro-G EVA midsole in this boot. This means you’re about to have uninterrupted comfort for the whole day. 

But what will you do if the bacteria, fungus, and odor start bothering you after putting it on? Well, the anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner is not going to let that happen. 

That’s not the end! Even for having proper rigidity, team Under Armour has involved TPU shank. And want to know the most interesting part? It’ll ensure mid-foot support too.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • The synthetic leather and updated textile upper made construction more durable and lightweight
  • The hassle on access comes down to zero with UA ClutchFit™ ankle support system
  • Ultralight Micro-G EVA midsole will keep the day-long comfort uninterrupted
  • TPU shank maintains the balance of rigidity and mid-foot support 

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Doesn’t come with  Medial side zips like the previous edition

Our Verdict

We’re sure that you’re going to find these an interesting pair to use in your workplace. And if you like, you can take them out for trekking as well over any terrain.  


Can your work boots stay on something as harsh as acids? If your answer is a big, fat NO, then we think you’re going to be interested in the next boots on our list as they can resist acid. As the heading said, it’s the Steel Toe Leather Work Boots for Women from  Ad Tec.

These are made of leather. No, not any ordinary leather but 100% premium leather backed by a waterproof membrane. So, whether you need it or not, but these boots can keep going for a long time and yes, it’ll keep the water away from slipping in too. 

But what will be the meaning of being so tough it can’t even deliver the kind of you’re looking for? Well, that’s not going to be the case for sure as it comes with Orthotic PU Insole. Clearly, every time you’ll put your feet in, you’ll feel like they’re a pile of comfort. And if wear out after a time, you throw them away and put in new ones as they’re removable.

Now the question is, how it’s sole is going to do? Well, the Dual-density rubber outsole of these steel toe boots has pretty much amazed us as it’s resistant to acid, slip, and oil. And EH-safety? This bad boy got that in its arsenal too.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Premium leather-made upper sustains for a longer period of time 
  • Removable Orthotic PU insole keeps the inner comfortable
  • The Dual-density rubber outsole can resist acid, slip, and oil
  • Comes with electrical hazard protection to save from relevant hazards

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Comparatively low on breathability

Our Verdict

Ad Tec Steel Toe Work Boot for Women knows how to protect your feet while roaming in the workplace. Apart from the breathability issue, it can be just the perfect pick.


Imagine stepping in an electric wire containing 18000 volts and mistakenly step on it. What’s going to happen then? Well, Nothing! But only if you’re wearing something like the Safety Toe EH Hiker from FSI FOOTWEAR SPECIALTIES INTERNATIONAL. 

How? Well, thanks to its superb electric hazard protection that has taken the boot to that level. But is it good enough for that only? Definitely not! This boot has come out of full-grain leather with a waterproof membrane which has the ability to go for the long run.

And the comfort part? You won’t have to think about that twice as dual-density insole won’t let you feel uncomfortable even a bit. On top of that, the extra cushioning has made it one of the most comfortable steel toe boots for standing all day and work.

Besides this boot features Slip Resistant soles backed by tread designs. These designs are what have made this boot one hell of anti-slip footwear no matter what surface you’re standing on. Thanks to its Dual Density PU Slip-Resistant Outsole for that. 

Now comes the overall protection. After all, this is what safety boots are all about, right? This boot is designed in a way where it can keep both water and compression out of your way and keep your feet protected. And if we say about the steel toe cap, like all the best comfortable steel toe boots this one too will keep the foot safe from any accidental falls.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Water and compression resistance keeps the feet safe from both hazards
  • Slip Resistant soles bite the ground to prevent slipping 
  • Dual-density insole keeps the inner comfortable for the whole day
  • Steel toe caps work as the protective shield against accidental 

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Got no pull-on tab in the back

Our Verdict

Putting something a bit unique but amazing gives a better feeling most of the time. If you too believe in that we think you're going to love this boot too.


Women are more drawn to style compared to men. But for safety, they do need to let the style go at times. But team Caterpillar has tried to change that with Jace Steel Toe Work Boot.

The makers have simply used a bunch of materials like Mesh, Wool, Nylon, Suede, to give the construction of these work boots a different edge. But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten to add Steel Toe to ensure the foot’s protection against compression or impact. 

On the list of safety features, they’ve slipped Electrical Hazard Protection too where these caterpillar boots can easily withstand volts of 600 if the condition is dry. But in the effort of making it a lucrative pair, they had to put some attention over comfort and durability too. Clearly, that’s the reason for using Proprietary iTechnology Construction here.

Wool Upper/Split Suede too has been used here to deliver durable protection. And Nylon Mesh Lining? Well, that has eliminated the headache for both comfort and breathability. But what we liked the most is how team Caterpillar utilized Nylex Sock Liner for wicking away the moisture.

As these are safety toe boots, they’ll have to deal with shocks as well, right? Thankfully, the makers have nicely handled that aspect by PU Footbed which will absorb the shocks.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • Proprietary iTechnology Construction pulls of superior comfort and durability
  • Nylon Mesh Lining has maximized comfort and breathability
  • Electrical Hazard Protection can handle 600 volts easily
  •  Nylex Sock Liner helps in wicking away the moisture

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • The outsole quality could’ve been better

Our Verdict

With this work boot team Caterpillar has proved that they too can think out of the box with their creations. Clearly, that has made this work boot worth trying.


In the safety footwear industry, Caterpillar has always been prioritized quality more than anything and when we look at their creations like Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot, we can’t help believing that. 

Like some of their finest work boots, team Caterpillar has given this boot a Full-Grain Leather exterior here that can pull off long-term durability along with protection. And for added protection against any kind of impact, they’ve added steel safety toe here.  

It’s hard to find a single pair of work boots where this brand didn’t meet Electrical Hazard Protection standards. Looks like following the same route here has made these work boots sustain a huge wave of electricity up to 600 volts, but that’s when the conditions are dry. But what we believe is worth more praise are the T1170 slip-resistant rubber outsoles that resist abrasion, oil, and water.

There will be no shortage of comfort as the PU-Foam Footbed will take care of that. On top of that, the Nylon-Mesh Lining won’t let the inner get hot with better breathability. But that can’t wick the moisture within, can it? No problem! The Nylex Sock Liner will do that for you. And if your prime concern is shock absorbency, then you can leave it on the Molded PU-Midsole

What We Liked (Pros)

  • The full-grain leather exterior gives long term protection
  • Nylon-Mesh Lining maintains a better level of breathability
  • Nylex Sock Liner wicks the moisture away in no time
  • Molded PU-Midsole absorbs major shocks while using the boots.

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • Doesn’t come in many color variations

Our Verdict

Caterpillar Women's Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boots are simply an arsenal of safety features. But these comfortable work boots do much more than just keeping the feet safe.

Things to consider before buying Comfortable Work Boots and Shoes

If you’ve already done your share of searching over the topic ‘what work boots are the most comfortable’ then already know they’re simply a hard catch. But that’s only when you’re roaming for them online or offline without a hint on what makes a work boot the right piece. Let’s get that part clear for you. 


Indeed this one is the top priority while throwing a search party for the most comfortable work boots. But how will you figure that out in the first place? Well, look at the ASTM ratings first as they’re a clear indicator of the met safety standards while making the boots. 

Composite safety toe caps or Steel toe work boot

Toe protection hits to list of top concerns when it comes to picking working boots, especially for construction workers. To ensure protection on that part, both steel toe cap and composite safety toe cap boots work better than the other options. 

Steel toe cap boot is good at handling larger weights in case of accidental fallings. So, even if you’re working around heavy machinery, this working boot can deliver total protection. But if you’re asking for alternatives, then composite toe cap boot is the next best option that can ensure similar protection as steel safety toe. 

The best part about composite toe work boots is, it’s much lighter compared to steel-toed boot and doesn’t even get the user bothered while walking through metal detectors.


If there is anything that matters the most right after protection in a work boot, then it’s comfort. This part is actually influenced by lots of things starts from leather uppers, lining, insole, arch support etc. But what you have to check out is if all of that making the work boot a total package of comfort or not. So, what makes a work boot comfortable? Well, things like – 

Steel Shank

Having a steel shank can push the comfort level higher in a work boot. But how? Actually, the comfort is to a huge extent dependent on the posture and shanks help you in getting that. Besides, it saves from shocks of impacts as well. 

Cushioned Footbed

The right kind of footbed will save your feet from hazards like sweat or foot fatigue and will keep the interior comfortable for you. But make sure that they’re coming with sufficient cushioning so that you don’t fall short on comfort. Besides, they’ll have to be removable as after a certain period of time they won’t remain usable. 


When you’re asking for the most comfortable work boots for standing all day or working, the lining is surely going to play a crucial part in proving any boots as comfortable. So, before you take the leap of faith and buy a pair, make sure the linings are not coming between you and your comfort. Let’s play safe and try picking the one with soft fabric lining.


Don’t ever think about grabbing a pair of work boots if they’re not insulated. Do otherwise and you might end up with icy feet in the cold weather.

EH Rating

If you don’t want to step on an electric wire and get yourself hurt, then check out first if the safety work boot is EH-rated or not. EH-rating indicates the level of electrical hazard resistance. The EH safe boots are made of non-conductive materials that can isolate your feet from the floor. It’s kind of a must for professionals like electric and construction workers.


No matter how many features any particular work boot comes with, it’s never going to be the best unless it’s high on durability. So, before you swipe your card, check out how long the boots are going to sustain. For that, have a check on the materials first. It’ll be better if you can go with something with solid but soft nubuck leather uppers.


You don’t want to feel like rocks tied to your feet while walking in your work boot, do you? Then make sure that the boots are weighing a ton. For lightweight protection, we’d say boots with composite toe caps will be a better option.


Always, yes always pick a waterproof boot. After all, you’re not a fan of boots that’ll soak wet in the rain, are you? By the way, just because we’re suggesting to pick boots with waterproof membrane doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on breathability. There are boots on our list that can resist water but without taking out the breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – 1: Cement Construction or Goodyear Welt Construction – which one is better?

Goodyear Welt Construction is ahead in this race as they’re known to be unbreakable. On the other hand, cement construction walks toward eventual delamination, unlike Goodyear.

Q – 2: What makes a work boot puncture-proof?

If you’ll notice most of the puncture-proof work boots out there, you’ll see that they often incorporate aluminum, steel, and Kevlar midsoles to save the boot from getting punctured in a way that might hurt your feet.

Q – 3: Where soft-toe work boots are inappropriate as footwear?

If your work involves a lot of toe involvement, we’d say never go for soft toe work boots though they’re high on comfort. This choice might get you hurt later on.

Q – 4: Is there any way to make steel-toed boots more comfortable?

Yes, picking a little larger size and using them with extra padded socks can make any of the steel-toed boots more comfortable. And you can try using additional arch support too if possible.

Q – 5: Does work boot with composite safety toe get cold?

Yes, they do but compared to boots with a steel safety toe, they’re better. Still, it’s suggested to use socks no matter which work boot you’re using.

Final Words

If you’ve reached this part, then you already know all about the best work boots that are comfortable. But if you’re still feeling a bit confused about which to go with as your next, we might be able to help you with a few suggestions.

In case you’re a fan of classic style in safety boots will all the required safety features then go with the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc Boot. But when you’re asking for the best composite toe boots, then we’ll have to name the Timberland PRO Men’s Summit Composite Toe Boots

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