Why Crocs Are So Expensive? Are Crocs GOOD or BAD (Or Even Ugly)?

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Eying for a pair of crocs?

Well, you should keep in mind then that better things are not always cheaper. Also don’t forget that you maybe going blindly with the trend and, in turn, adding one more in the stupid-fashion-herd. Go on with the article to find out which one is actually you!

Crocs are one of the most popular brands of shoes on the market today. They are comfortable, stylish, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

But why are they so expensive?

There are a few reasons for this. Let’s know a few facts (positives, negatives and with fun-facts too) on the underlying secrets of crocs.

Why crocs are so expensive

How Crocs Have Become This Popular Mate?

As per Wikipedia, Crocs, Inc. is an American firm based in Broomfield, Colorado that produces and markets the Crocs brand of foam clogs. With many opting to wear Crocs as shoes for school during the day, the company has gained a strong following among middle school and high school students in the United States.

All About Crocs
Image Courtesy: Crocs

Crocs was founded in 1998 by Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr., with the goal of manufacturing and distributing a foam clog, which they took from Foam Creations, Inc. of Quebec City. The shoe was originally designed for use while boating.

Crocs first introduced the Beach model at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida in 2001, and sold all 200 pairs produced.

They quickly gained popularity due to their comfort and slip-resistant qualities. In 2006, Crocs released a new line of shoes called Jibbitz, which allowed people to customize their shoes with different charms. This made the brand even more popular with children and young adults. Today, Crocs are worn by people of all ages and are available in a variety of colors and styles. Since then, 300 million pairs of shoes have been sold by Crocs.

OK, enough of the historical stuffs, I suspect you’ve become a little bored, right mate??

Let’s hear the good staffs about crocs (ain’t they charming, eh?!!)

Why Crocs are So Expensive? What are the Awesome Features that Makes Crocs This Pricey? (The Good Things!)

Every fashion-aware individual now-a-days wanna have a pair of Crocs in their closet. Undoubtedly it has nice features. Are you curious to know what are they? Here we go:

Absolute Unmatched Comfort

You can’t dispute that they’re extremely comfy. Crocs are ideal for individuals who require a shoe with cushion or shock absorption. As our collagen decays with age, we lose fat from our feet, so Crocs will feel great for people looking for extra comfort. Peeps who have swollen feet—pregnant women, diabetics, and others—may benefit from Crocs because they’re so large.

Growing Fashion-Hype

Why Crocs Are So Expensive
Image Courtesy: Crocs

Crocs have become a fashion staple for both men and women. Crocs has been successful in infiltrating the fashion world by partnering with well-known celebrities and designers, such as Justin Bieber, Post Malone, KISS, Balmain, and Alife. As a result of these partnerships, Crocs has been able to tap into new markets and target new consumers.

Crocs Use Patented Croslite Material

Crocs are made of a closed-cell resin called Croslite, which is soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking, and odor-resistant. Croslite is a proprietary material owned by Crocs that feels a bit like foam rubber. It has tiny air bubbles throughout, which makes it feel light on your feet and provides cushioning.

Crocs Croslite
Image Courtesy: Crocs

The material is also heat-resistant, so it won’t deform in hot weather the way some shoes do. And because Croslite is closed-cell, it doesn’t absorb water the way other foams do. That means your Crocs will never get wet or soggy, even if you wear them in the rain or step in a puddle.

Croslite is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Crocs have Convenient Wide-feet Slide-in Design

While the wide-fit style may turn people off, the ability to simply slide them in is a major advantageous point for crocs to sell like hot-cakes . Crocs are also pretty convenient for those who have back issues and can’t bend down or have other mobility difficulties.

Crocs wide-feet design

Crocs are Odor-Resistant (I can feel Jumps around for the guys and Galz with smelly Feet)

Crocs are made of a material that is resistant to bacteria and doesn’t absorb odor the way other shoes do. That means your Crocs will never get smelly, even if you wear them all day long.

Crocs are Lightweight

Crocs are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to wear all day long without feeling weighed down.

Crocs are Easy to Clean

Crocs are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine. Just pop them in a mesh laundry bag and wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. You can also scrub them with soap and water if they get really dirty.

Crocs are odor-less and easy to clean
Image Courtesy: DynamicSports

Crocs are Durable

Crocs are designed to be durable and last for years, even with heavy use. The Croslite material is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. And because Crocs are so easy to clean, you can keep them looking like new for a long time.

Crocs are Great House-wear

Crocs are great house-wear

During this COVID-19 pandemic, if you are still working from home, Crocs might be a good option for slippers. They are comfortable and safe as long as you’re not doing any heavy-duty walking or working in them.

Crocs are Developed with Extensive R&D

Another factor that contributes to the high cost of Crocs is the extensive research and development that goes into making these shoes. The company spends millions of dollars every year on developing new technologies and materials to make their shoes even better.

Crocs have a High Resale Value

Crocs have high resale value. Crocs hold their value well and can often be sold for nearly as much as you paid for them, even after years of use.

Crocs have Numerous Unique Designs and Styles

Crocs offers a wide range of unique designs and styles to choose from. Whether you want a basic slip-on or a more stylish clog, there’s a Croc for everyone. And with new styles being released all the time, there’s always something new to choose from.

Fun-fact about Crocs:

Crocs were originally designed as boat shoes. The company’s founder, George Boedecker, Jr., was inspired by a pair of rubber clogs he saw in a boating magazine. He thought they would be perfect for boaters because they would be comfortable, easy to clean, and non-slip. Crocs have come a long way since then, but the company still produces a line of boat shoes that are popular with sailors and boaters.
I bet you are pretty convinced to rush for a pair of crocs... but the game is not yet over mate! Like most of lucrative fruits having irritating seeds, Crocs are also not all the way charming. Until now you have heard only the good things about Crocs, why don't we discuss the bad and ugly ones too??!!

Are Crocs Bad for Your Feet? (The BAD Things!)

If you enjoy Crocs, you aren’t alone; some adore them, while others despise them (however, this is a minor group). Some people claim differently and argue that Crocs are harmful to your feet. “Why are Crocs bad for your feet?” the issue then becomes.

Let’s find more!

Crocs Don’t Provide Enough Ankle Support

One of the main issues with Crocs is that they don’t provide enough ankle support, which can be a problem, especially if you plan on wearing them for long periods of time or for activities that require a lot of movement, thus resulting in higher chances of ankle injuries.

Fun-fact: While they may not offer the same level of support as traditional shoes, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, some argue that the lack of support is actually beneficial.

Crocs Do Not Offer Enough Heel Support for a Longer Period of Time

A lot of podiatrists opined that while Crocs made of rubber clogs may provide you with good arch support and may be comfortable for short periods of time, they don’t offer enough heel support for a longer period of time, which can lead to problems such as Achilles tendonitis, calluses, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, etc.

Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is the large tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. This condition can be quite painful and may even require surgery in severe cases.

Crocs’s Lack of Shank Creates Foot Problem

Another way Crocs can be harmful to your feet is due to the fact that they lack a shank, which is a strip of material (usually made of steel or plastic) that runs along the bottom of the shoe and provides support to the foot.

without this support, your foot can start to roll inward (a condition known as pronation), which can lead to various problems such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Crocs May Worsen Existing Foot Conditions

If you already have problems with your feet, wearing Crocs may worsen existing conditions. For example, people with flat feet or high arches may find that their condition worsens when they wear Crocs. This is because these shoes don’t offer the necessary support that people with these conditions need.

So Who can Wear Crocs (Don’t You Worry Mate, only According to Doctors and Experts!)

  • Crocs can be a good choice for people who have diabetes or arthritis, as they are easy to slip on and off and provide a good amount of support.
  • Crocs can also be a good choice for people who are recovering from an injury or surgery, as they are easy to wear and provide a good amount of support.
  • Wearing Crocs can help those who have a very high arch or suffer from excessive edema of their legs and ankle.
  • Crocs can be worn for under 8 hours, especially at indoors, beaches, pools – not for long walks and runs.

Some UGLY Truths About Crocs

  • Time Magazine has listed crocs in the top 50 worst inventions. Time stated that “Crocs are ugly and impractical”, “serve no real purpose” and are “made of material that is simultaneously flimsy and indestructible”.
Image Courtesy: Margins
  • One study found that Crocs are more likely to cause foot injuries than other types of shoes. The study looked at data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and found that Crocs were associated with more than 2,000 injuries between 2002 and 2006. The most common type of injury was a laceration, followed by a contusion or bruise. Sprains, strains, and fractures were also fairly common.
  • A study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery reported that Crocs were associated with more than 2,000 injuries in past 6 years (this is 2022). The most common type of injury was a laceration, followed by a contusion or bruise. Sprains, strains, and fractures were also fairly common.
  • In 2007, crocs were listed as one of the top 10 worst summer fashion trends by the Washington Post. The article stated that crocs are “hideous” and “the ugliest shoe ever created”.

  • In 2008,crocs were listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous summer fashion trends by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. The article warned that crocs can lead to “foot and ankle injuries, such as tendinitis, stress fractures and sprains”.
  • Rubber cogs that are similar to Crocs and imitation Crocs, as well as knock-offs of Crocs, have been found to contain highly carcinogenic components that may be absorbed through skin contact. The German broadcasting corporation WDR sent 10 distinct sorts of plastic cogs to a lab in Germany for testing. Six out of the ten shoes tested positive for cancer-causing chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
  • According to the 13th Report on Carcinogens (RoC), a public health document published by the National Toxicology Program, exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons has been linked to an increased risk of developing lung and liver cancers. Although Crocs did not include any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, it was discovered that it still contained chemicals that can cause skin irritation and allergic responses.
If you still insist on wearing Crocs, wear socks to reduce the amount of contact that the material has with your skin. Also make sure that you are actually buying Crocs, and not any of the cheap knock-offs that contain cancer-causing chemicals. It is also advised to smell the shoes before purchasing them. If they have a strong or sweet smell being emitted from them, this could mean that the shoes are releasing possibly harmful solvents.

So Why Still Crocs is Winning the Competition? [With Facts]

Despite many health and design disadvantages, still Crocs is in the market and people are wearing them.

Why? What is their Champion and Trendy Winning strategy?

Stay Ugly

Crocs has been successful in part because it has stayed true to its staying ugly strategy.

The company’s shoes are still made of the same foam material that made them so unpopular when they were first introduced. But instead of trying to make them more attractive, Crocs has leaned into the ugliness, using it as a selling point.

In a 2012 interview with Fast Company, Crocs CEO John McCarvel said: “People either love us or hate us. And those that love us, really love us.”

“We don’t aspire to be for everyone,” he added. “I think what makes our brand strong is that polarizing effect.”

It seems to be working. Crocs is now a $1 billion company.

Crocs has also been able to stay relevant by constantly introducing new styles and collaborating with celebrities.

In 2017, the company collaborated with Balenciaga on a line of platform Crocs that sold for $850 a pair.

The shoes were widely mocked, but they also sold out almost immediately.

Crocs has also collaborated with Post Malone, Alife, Beams, and even KFC.

Crocs Ideology: No-fashion is the Trendy-fashion

“It’s ironic that Crocs, a company that has been mocked for its ugly shoes, is now being hailed as a fashion icon,” wrote Business Insider’s Avery Hartmans.

But there’s a method to Crocs’ madness.

The company has always positioned itself as the anti-fashion brand. It even ran ads in 2006 with the tagline “Fashion is a crime.”

In an interview with Ad Age, McCarvel said that Crocs’ goal was to “create something people would want to wear, not because it was in style, but because it was comfortable and practical.”

It seems like that message is resonating with customers who are tired of constantly chasing after the latest trends.

“I think the fashion world is starting to come around to our way of thinking,” McCarvel told Ad Age.

Boost From Consumer Trend

There’s no doubt that Crocs has benefited from a shift in consumer behavior.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people shopping for comfort over style. This is especially true for millennials, who are now entering their 30s and are starting to care less about what’s “in” and more about what’s comfortable.

Google Trend Data on Crocs Consumer Interest

Crocs has been able to tap into this trend with its comfortable shoes and wide range of styles.

The company has even started selling bags, backpacks, and other accessories.

Boost From Influencers

Crocs has also benefited from a boost in influencer marketing.

In 2018, the company launched a campaign called “Come As You Are” that featured a diverse group of influencers, including drag queen Aquaria and plus-size model Ashley Graham.

Guide on How to Wear Crocs Like Celebrities
Image Courtesy: Complex

The campaign was designed to show that Crocs can be worn by anyone, regardless of their size, shape, or style.

It seems to be working. In 2019, Crocs was named the “hottest brand” in the fashion industry by Business Insider.

Boost from Healthcare Workers

Crocs has also gotten a boost from healthcare workers.

In 2020, the company launched a line of shoes specifically for healthcare workers. The shoes are comfortable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.

Image Courtesy: Miami Herald

They’ve been a hit with healthcare workers, who are often on their feet for long hours and appreciate the comfort and practicality of Crocs.

Boost From COVID-19

Finally, Crocs has benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With people spending more time at home, there has been a growing demand for comfortable shoes that can be worn indoors. Crocs’ foam material is ideal for this purpose.

The company has also been selling face masks made out of the same material as its shoes. The masks have been a hit with Crocs fans, who appreciate the comfort and style of the masks.

Who Benefits from the High Price of Crocs?

The people who benefit from the high price of Crocs are the company’s shareholders and executives. In 2017, the CEO of Crocs earned a salary of $33 million. The company also spent $50 million on advertising and promotions. This high price tag allows Crocs to stay afloat despite competition from cheaper alternatives.

How To Save Money On Crocs

If you’re looking to save money on Crocs, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Sign up for the Crocs Rewards program. This will give you access to exclusive discounts and coupons.
  2. Check out Crocs’ sales section. This is where you’ll find the best deals on Crocs shoes and accessories.
  3. Look for Crocs promo codes. These codes can be used to get discounts on your purchase.
  4. Wait for a holiday sale. Crocs often runs sales around holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  5. Follow Crocs on social media. The company frequently posts promo codes and deals on its Facebook and Twitter pages.
  6. You can buy used Crocs online on sites like eBay and Craigslist. Just be sure to inspect the shoes carefully before you buy them.
  7. Buy Crocs in winter. The demand for Crocs is highest in the summer, so you’ll usually find the best deals in the winter. Crocs are often on sale at department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. You can also find them at online retailers like Amazon and Zappos.
  8. Consider buying Crocs from a secondhand store. This is a great way to get discounts on Crocs shoes and help support a good cause.

What are the Best Crocs Alternatives?

While there are many Goods and Bads of Crocs, it’s no harm checking out the best alternatives of crocs. Some of these are way cheaper, and some of them are more stylish (at least..to me, lol).

Here are some of the most popular Crocs alternatives that you can check out:

Bottom Line

So far I’ve tried to portray the good, the bad and the ugly facts about Crocs.

Despite their popularity, there are many reasons why you should think twice before buying a pair of these shoes. If you do decide to buy them, make sure you don’t pay more than you have to.

Whether you love‘em or hate‘em, there is nothing wrong with wearing Crocs if worn modestly and with caution. You may add as many color options and pairs to your wardrobe as you like, but make careful that they aren’t your go-to shoes for long-distance walking or fast-paced exercise.

Which one of these Crocs alternatives is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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