Ihani & Maechi: A Sad Story of the Death of an Iconic Brand (was My Favourite as Best Casual Dress to Wear with Boots)

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Ihani and Maechi, an iconic South London brand, sadly closed their business.

They were an iconic name in the world of casual wear, which greatly suited most of the kind of boots. Starting from chukka to cowboy boots to wedge sole boots, everything looked great in their classy casual top collections.

How They Started

Jason and Charles Onuoha grew up in New Cross, South East London, where fashion was an important part of their lives despite the fact that they were born to working-class Nigerian parents. While maintaining a youthful approach to design, Ihani & Maechi defined a casual aesthetic with a focus on quality. Ihani & Maechi strived to blend both cultures by giving a new twist on wardrobe classics, mostly influenced by street culture and tailoring.

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Their Iconic and most Popular Collections

Blue contrast pocket shirt

Ihani-Maechi collections

** Soft microfiber long-sleeve shirt, with contrast patch pockets.

Black wool bomber

Ihani-Maechi collections

** Soft wool bomber with crescent shape hem band, finished with zips, silk lining ribbed trims, and hand-painted prints.

Parting Words

We are deeply saddened by the untimely closure of Ihani & Maechi. Their casual tops to wear with most types of boots will be highly remembered. Nevertheless, We always will embrace the new ones, but the inspiration Ihani-Maechi left for us – will be followed surely by many of us for choosing the best casual dresses to wear with boots.

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