Merger & Acquisition Notice

It’s a piece of great news – BootsPal has acquired The renowned South London brand Ihani & Maechi Website!

But It’s also bad news that a prominent brand like Ihani-Maechi has been sadly closed. We still remember and value with love what Ihani-Maechi provided us for years together.

Ihani & Maechi Collections

Ihani-Maechi: Remembering The Emerging South London street-tailoring brand

Ihani & Maechi, the renowned South London brand combined classical tailoring with directional, urban street style. Their menswear label, Brothers Jason and Charles Onuoha featured a youthful approach on classic wardrobe items from overshirts to double-breasted wool coats, titled “Memories and Journey.”

Nevertheless, we have acquired the website for a fresh new journey with the assistance of BootsPal.

Have a delightful day.